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A perfectly sealed mask is needed for most masks to work, but not with the KLNAir Mask as the KLNAir Purifier pressurizes the air infront of your breathing zone keeping particles out while providing a constant stream of fresh clean air.

You May Not Even Know What You’re Missing

Nowadays, we all have to buy masks, but what most of us don’t know is that having a seal around our mask is the only thing protecting us from the harmful dangerous particles in the air. With the KLNAir Mask, the air purifier pressurizes the air in front of our mouths, so that we can breathe in fresh, clean, safe air. It’s the first line of defense against the viruses and bacteria that are so often right in front of your face.

Replaceable Filters | KLNAir filters 99.99% of bacteria and virus, and 99.5% of air particles down to 0.1um,making it the perfect solution for chronic allergies, pollution sensitivity, or viral and bacterial protection.

Same Mask, Replaceable Filters

KLNAir filters 99.99% of bacteria and viruses and 99.5% of air particles down to 0.1um. This means you can safeguard yourself from nearly everything in the air surrounding you, be it allergens, pollution, viruses, and bacteria. Our filters work in tandem with our masks, so you can switch them out daily without having to spend more. It’s better for the environment and our pocketbooks.

KLN Air Mask | Over 10 Hours of Continuous Use | 10+ hours of continuous use on one battery, swap to another battery for 10+ more hours of use.

Our Masks Last As Long As You Do

With over 10 hours of protection, KLNAir’s batteries last, keeping you protected from harmful particles no matter what the day has in store. If you need more time, simply switch out the batteries and get another 10 hours of safety. 

KLN Air Mask | A True Breakthrough in Personal Air Purification Klnair | Weighing only 70g, KLNAir Mask is just slightly heavier than most sunglasses, significantly lighter than face shields. It’s designed to fit comfortably for extended wear time.

Comfort Is Key

Nothing makes a person take off their mask faster than when it’s awkward and painful, that’s why we designed the KLNAir masks to be light. Weighing 70g, KLNAir Masks are about as heavy as a pair of sunglasses, because we know that having protection means nothing without comfort, especially when worn for an extended amount of time.

KLN Air Mask | Adjustable Ear Loops and Nose-Piece | Adjustable ear loops and hidden nose piece is included for the perfect fit around your face.  The nose piece is replaceable so you don't have to throw away the mask just to replace the nose piece.

Adjustable, Because all Faces Are Not The Same

Adjustable ear loops and a hidden nose piece allow for a perfect fit, no matter how your face is shaped. Never throw out a mask again, with KLNAir masks, you simply replace the nose piece when needed.

KLN Air Mask | Adjustable Airflow Controls | Three way adjustable airflow controls allow you to adjust the air output based upon your environment.

Adjustable Airflow Controls

Three-way adjustable airflow controls let you control the air output depending on the threat level of your environment.